Contributing to PSL

You are welcome to contribute to PSL by making a technical contribution to PSL infrastructure like the website and Catalog-Builder, adding a model to the library, or contributing to one of the models already in the library.

When you feel that you have made a valuable contribution, please add it to If you think PSL users should know about it, add it to If your name is not already in, add it.

Submitting a project to PSL

To submit a public policy simulation project to PSL, please bring your model or data preparation routine into compliance with PSL Criteria and then open a pull request to PSL adding your model to the PSL Catalog Register. The PSL project will then review your PR for public policy relevance and conformance to the PSL Criteria. If you have a question about the process or are unsure of your project’s relevance to PSL, please open an issue.

Office hours with the community

1 pm on Tuesdays

Join Webex meeting | 628 792 770

Join by phone +1-510-338-9438 USA Toll Access code: 628 792 770 Global call-in numbers