October 2021 Newsletter

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User Highlights

Demo Days: A recent demo on using the American Community Survey with Tax-Calculator and an upcoming one on the new OG-Core.

OpenFisca-UK: A web app for tax and benefit reform experiments built on the model was launched in the UK.

Tax-Calculator: Used in a Tax Policy Center study on synthetic tax data.

Citations: Barrientos et al. (Tax-Calculator)

Demo Days

Recent presentations

  • James Hiebert (University of Michigan and City of Philadelphia) demonstrated how to use the American Community Survey with Tax-Calculator.

Upcoming presentations

  • Jason DeBacker (University of South Carolina) will showcase the new OG-Core platform.


A model of the United Kingdom's tax system based on the OpenFisca platform.

General updates

  • PolicyEngine, a new web app built on OpenFisca-UK, was recently launched in the UK. The tool lets users experiment with proposals that reform the tax and benefit systems and see the impact on society and their households.


A USA federal individual income and payroll tax microsimulation model

General updates

PSL Catalog
  • Behavioral-Responses is a partial-equilibrium behavioral module that works with Tax-Calculator.
  • Capital-Cost-Recovery is a library with freely available capital cost recovery data across OECD countries.
  • Cost-of-Capital-Calculator evaluates the effect of US federal taxes on businesses' investment incentives.
  • microdf is a package for analyzing economic microdata as pandas DataFrames.
  • OG-Core is a general overlapping-generations model for evaluating fiscal policies.
  • OG-USA is an overlapping-generations model for evaluating fiscal policy in the United States.
  • OpenFisca-UK is a model of the United Kingdom's tax system based on the OpenFisca platform.
  • ParamTools is a library for parameter processing and validation with a focus on computational modeling projects.
  • PCI-China is a machine learning algorithm that predicts China's policy changes by mining its state-controlled media.
  • TaxData is a library that prepares microdata files to be used by Tax-Calculator.
  • Tax-Brain is an integrator package for multiple open source tax models.
  • Tax-Calculator is a USA federal individual income and payroll tax microsimulation model.
  • Tax-Cruncher calculates federal tax liabilities from individual data under a range of policy scenarios.
The asterisked are incubating projects and are expected to be brought into compliance with PSL Criteria.